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We raise merino sheep in Virginia and our classic finished pieces are Made in America. Our farm is organic and we are always striving to refine and improve our flock. Gum Tree Farm wool possesses an inherently pure quality that is passed on to each knitter and wearer. Twenty-three years on, our flock has grown from 3 souls to a flock of 80 fine merino sheep. The farm is our primary workspace. We have a “Wool House” studio where our knitting and sewing take place. We also have knitters, weavers and seamstresses across America that contribute to our design & production.

Our sheep inspire us with their peacefulness, courage, beauty and silliness. When not on the farm, we spend a lot of time in art galleries and meeting other wool workers. Vermont, New York & London are full of fantastic interpretations of fiber and fabric. It is inspiring to see the unique ways artists have found to work in the medium of wool. Gum Tree Farm produces our wool and "Frances Dean" creates the designs. Together we endeavor to pay homage to the traditional creation of wool garments, while designing pieces suitable to present day life. Enjoy!

Gum Tree Farm + Frances Dean
together create handmade, luxury wool pieces for the home and the human.